Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Curse gains another believer

From Motown, a letter to the Sports Editor of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (this was copied from the dead tree version, no online link is available), postulating a "curse" on the Packers.
Cursed decision ruined Packers' season

Let's assume beyond reasonable doubt that Brett Favre did want to lead the Packers again in 2008. Rather than being welcomed home with open arms, he was cast aside by the general manager, coach and president of the team like garbage.

The team subsequently failed miserably while being led by a new quarterback who had a relatively decent individual record but was unable to provide the winning direction that Favre had done for so many years before.

Now the same GM is given another year to blindly go where he has gone before. I remind you of history concerning the Detroit Lions.

After winning three NFL championships, they traded Bobby Lane away. Supposedly he said they would not win another title for 50 years. Even though Favre said no such thing, in fact just the opposite by saying he would always be a Packer, is it possible that the same "curse" might follow to Green Bay as well?

Baker Urdan, Southfield, MI
I have couple quibbles with Mr. Urdan's letter. First, it is pretty clear that Mr. Urdan did not watch the Packers play football this season. It was not a matter of A-Rod being unable to provide winning direction to the team. The Packers lost because they could not field a defensive unit that could prevent opponents from scoring at will in the 4th quarter.

Second, as great as Brett Favre played as a Packer, he was no Bobby Lane. Lane was a winner, 3 NFL Championships in his 9 years with the Lions. Favre won only one Super Bowl in his 16 years as a Packer, a good player, but not in Bobby Lane's class.

Brett was "a one-year wonder, just a fart in the wind," as Mr. Wolf succinctly put it.

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